June 29, 2010 Update


CVS has had several things on 75% off lately – I scored 20 baby blankets for only a quarter each and plan to donate to our churches new child care program.

CVS has had several 75% items on sale. I scored two Mr. Clean carwash kits that were even more off – they had been $15.00 and I got them for $1.25.  The fleece baby blankets had been $1.00 each but I paid only a quarter for each and plan to donate to our new child care center at church.

There’s a lot of good deals on ketchup so you can stock up – Hunt’s is 10/$10 at Food Lion and the Dollar Store. I used 10 – 20 cent coupons and filled my cabinet for only$8.00 – be sure and check the expiration date – these are good until December of 2011. Of course, I’m sharing with all the family.

Make sure you’re checking the Food Lion website – there are a lot of store coupons and last week printed $1.00 off Food Lion pasta, $1.00 off Food Lion chocolate milk, and $2.00 off Food Lion Chunk cheese (which is on sale starting June 30). Week before last one coupon was $1.00 off Food Lion eggs so I got a dozen for only 29 cents! Made a tasty frittata (baked eggs) with some ham and onions from the garden!

Hope you didn’t miss out on this deal – you could have used coupons for Pledge, Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Hair, ziploc bags, glade scented products, Oust, Fantastik and Windex – Spend $10 and get $5 Extra Bucks!

I bought the above AND used 4 $1.00 off coupons thus making it $1.00 for all four or 25 cents EACH!  Then I submitted my last SC Johnson rebate (this end tomorrow – I hope you did this – this is my third and last rebate) for three items – so I will also get back a rebate of $7.50!!

At CVS this week – I took a lot of time figuring out deals. I first purchased the Glade stuff and got back $5.00 in ECBS there. Then I bought 4 Aveeno lotions at $6.99 each for a total of $27.69 and got back $10.00 in ECBS (plus turned in Aveeno rebate for $10 back when you spend $25.00). Then I bought 2 Schick Intuition Women’s Razors @ $9.99 each = $19.98 and used 2/$4 coupons for a total of $11.98 and got back $10 in ECBS. I eventually used all the ECBS to pay for other items except for one $10.00 for next time.

Along with the items mentioned above I also purchased . . .

3 Herbal Essence shampoos and 3 Herbal Essence conditioners (I had gotten a CVS coupon for $3 off $15 Hair Care purchase

a Kodak @G Memory Card on sale for $9.99 regularly $25.99

1 Bounty paper towl 8 pack (I got another $2.00 off coupon from the Kiosk when I walked in) so only $3.97

3 Betty Crocker Warm Delights on sale for 88 cents and I had three 75 cent coupons so only 13 cents each (I gave one to the manager as he hadn’t tried before)

6 packs of Stride flavor changing gum (had 6 BOGO coupons that I had gotten off a display at Food Lion) @ 88 cents each

1 MM Pretzel and 1 BOGO Free – plus used a 50 off coupon from the kiosk so only paid 39 cents for 2 of them

Reinventing Beauty magazine – this is the CVS magazine that has store coupons you can stack with manufacturer coupons  = 99 cents

so after all my coupons, ECB’s, and rebates I ended up spending about $16.00 before tax – which I thought was pretty good.

Rite Aid has a great deal on Carefree pantiliners this week – BOGO for $3.99 and I used $1.00 coupons and submitted three Proof of Purchase for a free mini magazine with coupons.

The Secret deoderant only $1.99 and I used a $1.00 coupon and got back a $1.00 UP reward to use toward next time.

The Dove conditioner was only $3.00 and it had $1.50 coupon hang tag off so only paid $1.50 for each one. Paid full price for the beautiful aqua shade of nail polish – $4.45!

2 Baby Ruth Candy bars at 50 cents each and 1 Crest Proshield toothpaste for $2.99 with a SCR of $2.99 so free.

After using coupons, a $5 off $25 Rite Aid Health couons and my 10% off Wellness reward, and SCR coming back the total was around $8.00 before taxes. Stay tuned as later I’ll try to get and update of some deals for later this week.  Walgreen’s looks good!


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CVS and Rite Aid 6/13/10


CVS Transaction #2 – I actually completed this one second but just figured out how to put pictures in the blog – but not how to change their order – sorry! There will be an overage from Transaction #1 and I used it on Transaction #2.

– 2 Dove Milk Chocolate Bags with 15% extra – $4.99 – 2/$1.00 coupons

5 AXE body wash products @ $5.79 (the cheapest AXE products I could fine)  = $28.95 less $3.50 in coupons

2 Dentyne Ice packs of gum @ $1.29 = $2.58 – 2/$1.00 coupons

1 $15.00 ITUNES card (Free with purchase of $24.95 in AXE products)

So . . . Ended up as $29.00 before taxes minus the $15.00 ITUNES Card – $14.00

Taking the overage from the above transaction – the total cost for all of the above products was around $7.00!!!

2 Lady Speed Sticks @ $1.00 = $2.00 – 2/$1.00 coupons = FREE

1 Gillette Men’s Body Wash $4.00 and get $4.00 in ECBucks = FREE

1 Gillette Men’s Body Wash FREE after BOGO above = FREE

1 HYDRO 5 Razor @$8.97 – $4.00 in ECB – $4.00 coupon = 97 cents

1 Gillette Fusion Razoe @$9.99 – $5.00 in ECB – $4.00 coupon = 97 cents

Will send in HYDRO Razor rebate for $8.97 to get the TOTAL cost of the razor back so . . .

Cost before taxes = $14.94

Less ECB’s to use on next purchase = $13.00

Less the total cost of the Hydro Razor = $8.97 = OVERAGE of $7.03!!!

Rite Aid Deal

1 Gillette Fusion Proglide Razoe @$9.99 – $5.00 SCR (single check rebate) – $4.00 coupon = 99 cents

2 Dentyne PUre Mint Herbal gums @ $1.29 – 2/$1.00 coupons = 58 cents

1 Renpure Organics Shampoo – BuyOne/Get Free conditioner which also had a hang tag to rebate the price back to me for $6.99 = FREE

1 Herb al Essence Curls Shampoo @2.49 – $1.50 SCR – $1.00 coupon = FREE

2 Rit Dyes on clearance @$1.09 each – $2.18

2 Old Spice Body Wash – Boy One @$2.99 – SCR of $2.99 = FREE plus used a BOGO cou[pon so got 2 for the price of one which was FREE

Used a $5.00 off $25.00 Rite Aid coupon

Used a $4.00 UP Rewards coupon from Rite Aid

Total before taxes was $18.21 and will get back $9.49 in SCR and $6.99 rebate from the REnpure Organics shampoo/conditioner so total cost before taxes was $1.73!!!

How was your shopping?

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6/4/10 AT and T’s Loss is Sprints Gain

Hello All – Although we’re paying $68.00 per month for Internet service – which I said I would never do – Sprint has come to the rescue with a 3G card that slips in our USB port and VOILA!!!!! We now have fast internet service. Until ATT puts in 3G in our county – we would never be able to access DSL where we live so . . . . it’s GREAT!
Do you have a baby or toddler? CVS has wonderful deals on diapers and wipes but only until Saturday evening – they have MANY diapers at 75% OFF! Combine those with a coupon and you’ve got a great deal!!!!
Starting Saturday – I’ll try to get on a more regular posting. It’s the last day of school here – sad as we let our little guys and gals go until August!!!

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6/1/10 Update

Hi – still working on getting Internet service from home – will not be using the drive to plug in to computer because our county does not have 3G network so looking at satellite feed.
Hope you will check back often as I will be posting some deals throughout the summer and want to hear from you!!!
Rite Aid -this week – another great deal on NIVEA for Men – buy $15/ get $5 single check rebate and I hope you kept those coupons for $4.00 that were in Red Plum a few weeks ago. Special K and Smart Start cereal are BO/GO this week.
CVS Kiosk coupons was giving me a $1 off a CVS sunscreen product – there was a tube for $2.19 of SPF 30 – really nice size to fit in your purse and take with you – so I paid $1.19 for the convenience with the coupon.
Wasn’t really impressed with either place this week – oh, well maybe we’ll see some Father’s Day deals next week! Happy Almost Summer!

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I’m Back!!!! 5/23/10

Well – finally – got my new computer together – got the new AOL CD loaded and voila – happy as a lark – NOT!  I hate (a really strong word here) my new computer and since I had 21 days to return it to HP – it goes back on Saturday!!! My old HP Pavilion was replaced by a Compaq Presario – that according to that nice man from India that I was speaking with – was an upgrade to my old computer. Since the processor was much bigger – even if I was on dial-up – it would be MUCCCCCHHHHH faster than my old computer.  I CAN”T even begin to explain how MUCCCCCCHHHHHH slower my new one is!!!!  Plus it is missing some ports on the front that I loved from my other computer so . . . I’m sending it back .

So sorry I haven’t been passing along deals but . . . If you got the Courier Journal last Sunday there were coupons for 25 cents off Three Musketeers Mint Truffle candy bar – right now it is 49 cents at CVS and IT IS GOOOOOODDDDD! I heartily recommend it even at the 49 cent price.

At the CVS Kiosk I’ve been getting coupons for $1/CVS cosmetic items (emery boards and a small container of “q-tips” is only 99 cents so free and  $1/ any two CVS paper products (CVS brand toilet tissue is 74 cents for single rolls this week – I won’t kid you – it’s kind of rough but still usuable for nose blowing, wiping down the sing – so 2 rolls for 50 cents) 

Edna shared that lint rollers are up by the cash registers at Wal-Mart – good one that have been over $3.00 on rollback for only $1.00 – lots of boxes and she said there is a “peelie” 50 cent off coupon on the roller – so they would be only 50 cents.

This week at CVS – I paid $6.00 for 12 bottles of Dawn Dishwashing liquid, 2 candy bars, 2 Cover Girl lip glosses, 1 Aussie shampoo and 1 Aussie hair spray, 2 Herbal Essence shampoos, a little quilted makeup case leftover from Mother’s Day push, an Essence of Beauty Perfect Salon Pedicure kit leftover from Mother’s Day, and a free CVS shampoo. I thought this was pretty good.

I just didn’t see anything at Rite-Aid this week but did find on the clearance end caps some Sally Hansen nail things in pink, blue, and purple – 64 cent emergy boards and 64 cent pumice sticks (also had nail clippers and other items – cute) – so put these together with a BO/GO coupon I had gotten from ALL YOU magazine – got two NYC  tops coats and two nail polishes – will probably give to school secretaries as their little end of school/summer gift.  I had planned to give them each a Three Musketeers mint truffle candy bar but I ate both of them!

Food Lion this week – Healthy Choice Steamers 4 for $9.00 – pretty cheap especially if you put with a coupon, Popsicles – BOGO

Dollar Store – Hunts Ketchup – $1.00 and I think they had mustard too – there was a coupon for Hunts in last Sunday’s paper.

Don’t throw away those extra papers/fliers that you get either on Saturday, Monday, or Tuesday – I can’t really figure out which day they come – it usually has the Walmart ad, Long Johns, Giovannis – for the last three weeks the REDPLUM coupon flier that has been coming is a repeat of what is coming in the Sunday Herald!!!  AND the coupons are more than just local services!!!

This week there was $1.50 off three Kellogg’s – 50 cents off Dixie paper plates, $8.00 on liquor, coupons for Smuckers jam, Folgers coffe, Pringles, Angel Soft, Adams flea and tick, Sun Liquid, Wisk and some great Subway coupons. 

Walmart has Heinz ketchup for a $1.00, Miracle Whip for $1.97, Bush’s grillin beans for $1.48, Capri suns for $1.97, Tropican fruit punch for $1.00, Neutrogena or Aveeno Sun Care for $7.00, Banana Boat for only $5.82 and lots of other summery bargains.

Happy Shopping – let me know if you read this and please share comments.

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Mother’s Day and Other Stuff

If your mom likes candy . . .
there were several $1.00 off coupons for Whitman’s Sampler and Russell Stover in last Sunday’s coupons.

Rite Aid – $4.99
CVS – $4.99 (but remember you get back a quarterly savings of 2% when you shop CVS)

Russell Stover
Rite Aid – $4.44 **a little cheaper
CVS – BOGO ($8.94)

Rite Aid – Special K/Smart Start (BOGO)
CVS – Raisin Bran Crunck, Special K, Frosted Flakes, Frosted Mini Wheats, All Bran – 2/$5

Dawn (includes that pink Hand Renewal)
CVS – 97 cents (use the 50cent coupon)
Rite Aid – 99 cents

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Lightning Wrecks Havoc 5/4/10

Sorry I’ve not been here – lightning ran in on our computer – don’t really understand what happened as we had a great surge protector and the printer, monitor, and lamp all work perfectly fine but . . .
There were some great Nivea coupons in the Redplum this past Sunday and even last Monday in our town. $4.00 off – guess what – Nivea body wash is $3.99 this week at Rite Aid!!!!! So – it’s FREE!

I scored well at Rite Aid – I got 7 bottles of body wash to share with friends – got all of them free – had 5 $4.00 coupons and 2 BOGO free coupons from the All You magazine. Then I got 10 bottles of Life Water (my nephew likes this) on sale and with coupon for only $5.00. Then I got 4 Lindt big Candy bars for someone??? as they were 2/$3 and I had 2 $1 off coupons so I paid only $4.00 total for them – I used a $5 off $25.00 coupon – so paid less than $3 for all of that – my tax was more than the total!!

Don’t forget to check clearance prices anytime you are in Target, CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreen’s. Look at those tags and take your coupon notebook/envelope with you – you can make a lot of good deals on clearance!

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Today 4/26/10 – Good Deals and Samples

***You can click HERE to request a free 2oz sample of Caress Body Wash – I LOVE SAMPLES – getting samples is actually how I got started in couponing – some of my favorite websites are www.freegrabber.com    www.freesampleforager.com    www.gofreebies.com      www.freethingy.com      www.freesamplesite.com    Remember – never give out any personal information other than your address and birthdate – Some have said not to give out this information but I can google all of that about myself anyway. NOTHING is private anymore and we’re stupid to think it it.
***If you missed the ad in last week’s Target circular for a $1 off tote bag coupon, you can still take advantage of the offer.  The directions are HERE but basically you have to mail in 5 plastic Target bags and they will mail you a coupon for $1 off a tote $1.49 or more.

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CVS and Rite Aide 4/25/2010

I had a great buy at CVS – after using my Extra Care Bucks and coupons – I spent $2.42 (before taxes).

They had a deal this week that if you bought $25.00 worth of certain products you could purchase Avatar for only $4.99. This was the same deal I used to buy Alvin and the Chipmunks – Squeaquel around Easter time. Anyway – First I bought two Irish Spring Body washes at $2.99 with $2.00 in ECB back and I used a 50 cent coupon for I got those two for only 49 cents. I also purchased a Shick Quatro razor for women – $8.99 – with $4.00 ECB back and I used a $4.00 coupon so it only costs 99 cents – I usually won’t buy these unless they are free but . . . then I combined the $8.00 in ECBs toward my next purchases.

I bought three Quilted Northern ($6.99 each so a total of $20.87) and two boxes of Nature Valley granola bars ($2.44 each so a total of $4.88) The total for those was $25.75 so I used two coupons on the granola bars, the $8.00 in ECBs from the previous transaction, and the remaining in ECB’s from other transactions and only paid $2.42 before taxes!


CVS really didn’t have much this week I didn’t think but purchased two bottles of Listerine for $1.00 and got my favorite gum – Mentos for only 45 cents each.

The Walgreen’s ad looks good if you are planning a trip to Lexington or Winchester.

Make sure you’re checking those websites for deals later in the week. Have a good one.

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Food Lion, CVS Update


CVS has a smallllllll sample of “Halle” perfume – not sure if I like it or not BUT – it was only $4.99 and if you purchase a Halle perfume product this week – you get back $5.00 in ECB’s! so it was free. There were some Burts Bees products on an end cap down by the candles that were 75% off – would be good in a gift basket, the Nivea deal is good if you have some of those $2.00 off coupons for the body wash, and there is tartar control Crest that is on the bottom shelf – on sale for 74 cents – you should have a 75 cent off coupon from P and G that expires on 4/30.

You need to stop by CVS and get the free bag tag this week – you pay 99 cents but get the cost back! Then put it on any reusable bag (they also have a several neat ones at CVS) and every time you buy something there – have them scan the bag tag and get credited 25 cents – for every four visits – that’s a dollar.

Food Lion had those McCormick packets of marinade on sale for 69 cents and there was a 50 cent off coupon in the Sundays coupons – also one available on line – I stocked up on 8 for the summer.

Hamburger Helper is 10/$10 (which means they cost a dollar each) I’ve seen frequent coupons for 75 cents off three lately. Good item to stock up if you use it.

Kraft BBQ sauce is only 99 cents but I can’t find a coupon – anyone seen one anywhere?

Orville Redenbacher popcorn is BO/GO and I had picked up a coupon at the Dollar Store – B2/ and get a free liter of pop – stack this with Redenbacher coupons and this could be a great deal.

16 oz Coffee Mate – 3/$5 – there was a coupon a couple of weeks ago for BO/GO on the Nestle website – you might go there an sign up for coupons for coffee, hot chocolate, creamer, etc This would be a great deal if you had three coupons – you could get 6 for $5.00!

Go to the Food Lion Website – they have store coupons that you can stack with manufacturer coupons and they usually have some kind of goofy game – you play it and get some kind of store coupon too. You can also print a grocery list of what you want and add items to it. Even if you print your list and take coupons with you – take all of your coupons because you never know what is on sale or clearance – last week I paid $1.24 for that Vaseline Intensive lotion that is normally $8.00.

Don’t forget that CVS next week has a deal where you can buy certain products and get the AVATAR movie for $4.99 – combine coupons for those products, any extra care bucks that you have, and it’s pretty good savings!

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